Not so bright idea!

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Inner psychosis sneeking out again…..




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Just doodling …

Board Devil Complete

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Ah, what a fun project. It was great to have a goal (checkout the show here) so thanks to keith for setting it up. Sorry for the bad photo, the greens are not showing up at all.  I will update when I import photos from my “real” camera.  This was taken with a camera phone. 

Bonus Bonus

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Ok, so I had to repaint the horns, and there was all this extra paint….

Bonus Devil

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I figured, since I had the paint out anyways, I used the extra brush strokes to paint the cover of my sketchbook.  Long overdue since this book is about 3/4 full. But hey, better tardy, than absent. Er, or something like that. 



Lunch break!

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Hungry, but making progress ….

Board devil progresses

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The deck progresses. The deadlines is Wednesday to fedex it to cleveland, so I gotta get the lead out!